Do you have a dream,

Something you want to achieve, either for yourself or for others? Have you pondered what it would be like for that dream to become a reality? And when you see that vision, that dream played out in a panoramic scene in your mind, are you willing to do the work to see it fulfilled?

What will you do when you share that dream with those close to you and they tell you to stop dreaming and go back to where it’s safe? And perhaps those that you trust on your journey turnout to have ulterior motives only using your passion to get what they want? And perhaps there may be out right villains that want to do you harm and silence the pursuit of your dream?

I hope you have considered the cost of your dream and decided it’s still worth it. In spite of all the opposition, you will find fellow believers/dreamers, you will find the right companions, and you will find the courage and strength to persevere when it seems hopeless.

We are waiting for that dream to become a reality.
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